Woodmont Writers Enclave


In 2017, Professor David P. Bridges laid the foundation for the Woodmont Writers Enclave, a virtual haven dedicated to imparting the craft of novel and writing skills to aspiring authors. While originally envisioned to take place on his picturesque farm, Woodmont of Virginia, in Franklin County, the enclave has now evolved into an inspiring online writing course. This change allows the essence and inspiration of the farm to be shared with a wider audience, blending tradition with modern technology.

The Woodmont Tradition, with its 150 years of wisdom rooted in Professor Bridges’ heritage, now transcends physical boundaries. Professor Bridges is set to impart this rich legacy through virtually, offering insights into novel-writing techniques honed by tradition, enriched by a diverse and vibrant history, and inspired by the natural beauty of the Woodmont of Virginia Farm.

The Woodmont Writers Enclave remains a unique space, albeit virtual, where learning is intertwined with fellowship. The spirit of Southern hospitality, culinary delights, and mutual encouragement for artists is now accessible from anywhere, fostering a community that thrives on shared insights and creative collaboration.

Participants will gain from Professor Bridges’ 35 years of professional writing and publishing experience. The virtual setting of the Woodmont Enclave allows students to forge lasting collegial friendships, fostering an environment conducive to creative storytelling and profound learning, an experience previously only dreamt of in traditional settings.

After comprehensive training and mentorship, Writers Enclave students will emerge equipped to craft their own novels. Motivated and disciplined, these writers will be prepared to embark on the journey to publication, whether through traditional channels or self-publishing, to launch their writing careers.

Join us in this virtual journey! Let the spirit of Woodmont of Virginia ignite your creativity and sow the seeds of visionary ideas in your very soul, all from the comfort of your own home.


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