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Professor David P. Bridges envisioned the founding of Woodmont Writers Enclave in 2017 with the mission of conveying the knowledge of the craft of novelist and writer to prospective clients in a skillful, meaningful, and productive style. He knew he had the perfect place to host the enclave: His bucolic farm, Woodmont of Virginia, in the heart of Franklin County.

The Woodmont Tradition offers 150 years of wisdom from Professor Bridges’ heritage, which he is ready and able to transfer to clients eager to learn and willing to experience novel-writing technique at its best. He will share these elements of style and skill in the context of storied traditional family values, varied and vibrant history and the many levels of natural beauty of Woodmont of Virginia.

Woodmont Writers Enclave is a unique place, where learning experience combines with an opportunity to enjoy fellowship and Southern culinary treats, and to share insights that encourage other artists. All the while, each client may rest and relax in a harmonic and breath-taking natural environment.

Other academic writing programs or teaching workshops which operate in sterile classroom environments and lackluster locations pale in comparison to Woodmont Writers Enclave and are far more costly than the Woodmont curriculum.

Clients will benefit from Professor Bridges’ 35 years of professional writing and publishing experiences. Clients may also form lasting collegial friendships in a place designed to inspire creative storytelling and deepen essential learning at a depth never experienced or known to be possible before a visit to Woodmont.

After seven intensive days of training and sharing, the client will be equipped with the tools to create a novel. With the proper motivation and disciplined work ethic, the client will be enabled to write his/her own masterwork. Then follows the search for the agent or publisher to bring that work to the public. Some clients may self-publish to initiate their new writing careers.

Come join us! Let all Woodmont offers inspire creativity and plant new vision in your very soul!


2021 Writers Enclave Schedule

summer session - woodmont


June 19th - 25th



July 31st - August 6th



October 23rd - October 29th

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