David Bridges became a writer with a background in theology and religious studies from Seminary and The University of Chicago, Divinity School. He served 25 years in the ministry where one sees the human heart up close. The great questions of human existence animate and give depth to his writing in history and fiction. The farm and mountains of Woodmont of Virginia provide a quiet and peaceful scene for contemplating how the word can bring things human and divine to life.

Donald W. Livingston
Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Emory University
Sometime Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh
National Endowment for the Humanities Independent Study Fellow (1978-79)


Author David Bridges established Woodmont of Virginia with the intention of sharing this mountain estate with aspiring writers by means of the Woodmont Writers Enclave. Bridges is a versatile author, having published both fiction [The Broken Circle, 2013] and non-fiction (history, biography, and genealogy). He has also taught courses in novel writing at the university level. While emphasizing the process of writing historical fiction, the Enclave is designed to be a composite experience featuring lectures, guest speakers, group discussions, oral history and a field trip. Participants will be given the opportunity to explore their individual projects with Bridges and with their peers.

Welford D. Taylor
Emeritus Professor of English, University of Richmond

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