Women's quarters

Living Quarters

Securely nestled in Five Mile Mountain, the Woodmont Writers Enclave has splendid views from the Cottage and the upstairs of Professor Bridges’ farmhouse. These two locations will be homes for overnight guests while they attend their classes in The Atrium Theater and other sites around the farm. The cottage is located a hundred yards from the house and will serve as a separate, private residence. It has its own bathroom facilities, five plus beds, each with drawers for personal belongings and clothes, under each bed. A spacious lounge has a potbellied stove and seating for fellowship and the exchange of ideas.

Upstairs Quarters

In Professor Bridges’ home, students can also reside in any of the two upstairs bedrooms and there is an upstairs private bathroom. Clients and students can come and go as they please to the sleeping accommodations. Both facilities have clean sheets and towels provided for the duration of their stay at Woodmont of Virginia.

The final night in Burke’s Garden will be in its five-bedroom 1902 guest house and the vintage 1950s cottage next door. Our meals will be family style in the guest house, and there is a fire ring outside for late night wrap up and literary conversations.


The Woodmont Writers Enclave is more than an opportunity to hone your craft and network with other writers. It’s a chance to relax and renew in the Appalachian Mountains.

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