Activities & Amenities

Woodmont of Virginia provides abundant activities to enjoy during free times.

Old Mountain Logging Trail Hiking

Five Mile Mountain was logged in recent years and the timber removal roads remain open. The main trail starts at the foot of Professor Bridges’ farmhouse; it proceeds in a steep upward roadbed that is in a U-shape surrounding the farmhouse. It is a rigorous one-and-a-half-hour hike. Be prepared, as wildlife is abundant: deer, black bear, coyotes, bobcats, groundhogs, wild turkeys, hawks, birds of many indigenous species, black and copperhead snakes. If given a wide berth, they will do no harm.


Farm Lane & Pond Hike

The gravel road into the farmhouse is a mile long, providing a peaceful and very safe hike. So is the Pond Hike, a short circular trail beginning and ending at the farmhouse.

Shotgun Trap Shooting

A trapper that throws sporting clays is available for those who want to try their skill at hitting double clays. Shot guns and ammunition will be provided by Professor Bridges for both the avid shooters and beginners (who will receive lessons upon request).


Bird Dog Quail-Pointing Demonstration

Professor Bridges’ seven English Setter bird dogs are kenneled on the farm. The Quail House is stocked with Bob-White quail year round for training his Setters. The Dog Training Field is planted with 8-foot-wide rows the length of the field as cover for birds. Planted birds would be in the field and his bird dogs would be released to point the birds and then flush the birds to freedom; none will be shot.

Cattle Operation Tour

Professor Bridges’ herd of nineteen Black Angus graze on nine pastures that are fenced and equipped with waterers. An optional tour, either on foot or in the four-wheel Gator/truck, will allow visits to these pastures and the barn/corral. He will explain the cattle Spring Calving season and demonstrate the use of the corral, tub/alley/head gate/chute system of managing a cattle herd.


Pond Fishing - Trout, Catfish, Bass & Crappie

The Angler will need to bring his or her own rod & reel to discover what lies beneath the crystal-clear mountain-spring fed pond at Woodmont of Virginia. The pond was stocked with foot-long Rainbow Trout and indigenous large Catfish, Bass and Crappie that all abound. The dock and bank-lines are calling for your spinners, lures and various baits to try your rod & reel and provide a meal for all your comrades of the quill.

Nature Observatory

Wildlife abounds on Woodmont. Get inspired, write, or just relax and prepare for the day's course in the Woodmont Nature Observatory.

Harness the power of nature. Wild turkeys, deer, bears, gorgeous birds and more can be observed from a high vantage point on the farm.

Get inspiration for your next novel, plan out the next plot, or develop the key character for your novel, all while soaking in the beautiful surroundings.


Woodmont Of Virginia Flyover Tour

Professor Bridges will provide visitors with a detailed map of the farm indicating the hiking trails and writing reflection locations.

Safety is our #1 priority! While enjoying your stay on the Farm you will feel secure knowing that access via all improved roads and trails is restricted. There are locked gates and restricted access signs in place across the Farm. 

Callaway Fire & Rescue Department is only 4.1 miles away in the case of a medical emergency.

Fill your free time with all manner of outdoor adventures, and explore your surroundings for new experiences and writing inspiration!